The 90 Day Goal Journal + Goal-Getters Handbook Ebook review- Classic

This 90 day journal puts you in control of manifesting the life that you’re dreaming of. Establish consistency, self-care and gratitude with the help of the 90 Day Goal journal by Gold Soul Lifestyle.

You no longer need to ignore the urge to focus on yourself and can make a plan with the only journal that guarantees your success.

This journal is designed to keep you on track to reach three of your short-term goals in the next 90 days. Identify the obstacles that have been holding you back from achieving your goals and get one step closer to becoming your highest self.

The Goal-Getters Handbook Ebook is available for download right after purchase and includes everything you need to get your ready for your 90 Day Journey. 100+ Affirmations, gratitude examples, the goal-getters rules, goals master lists for finance, health and fitness and career, and MORE!

For best results, make sure to use it each day consistently, and dream BIG!

WE BELIEVE IN YOU GUARANTEE – If you are not happy with your results, simply send back your completely filled out journal for your money back. We will even pay your shipping cost.